Website visitors have certain expectations. Frustrate these visitors and you will find them leaving your website to browse or search elsewhere. Give them more visuals and less reading and you will keep their attention, converting browsers into paying customers.

My aim is to create an interactive, user-friendly, functional website for you, converting those "maybes" into "yes please!" customers. Already have a website? Ask yourself, does your website make you want to buy your own product? If not... talk to me!


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The cost of hosting of your domain, which includes website and email services, can start from as little as R35/month. Additional services required will increase the monthly cost (i.e. databases, PHP, licensed plugins etc..).

There are no fixed hosting contracts, cancel at any time. Payment for hosting is paid 6 or 12 months in advance to reduce administration and banking fees. Ask me how much you would pay monthly for hosting.


Guest House

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is forever changing, keeping up is a virtual impossibility. So how does one stay ahead of the competition without paying a small fortune in Google Ads or boosting Facebook posts.

Each business requires a different SEO approach, based on the nature of the business and market saturation of that sector. Speak to me about a possible strategy for your business - you always have options.


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